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12 Weeks - 240 MIles

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This course is designed to keep you active, motivated and accountable. 12 weeks, 240 miles! The goal is 2.5 miles per day, that's just a little above the 10 thousand steps "they" recommend we get every day. You can break up your miles how ever it works for you, only rule is your soles have to be on the ground...you can walk, jog, run. Whatever speed you are comfortable with.

Also included in this challenge are going to be some stretching, strength training or nutrition guidelines geared specifically to aid in increasing your cardiovascular abilities.

Over the course of my years I have witnessed many people dive into fitness too hard, too fast when they start and burn out or injure themselves. We are going to take it slow, one step at a time. We will be starting with 15 minutes of activity 4 days a week and work our way up to 45 minutes 5 - 6 days a week, which is the recommended amount of activity proven in multiple studies for optimal health and fitness...are you ready to get started? I am! Let's GO!

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  Sole Therapy - Let's get moving!
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